Hi all!

Can I share snippets of life these past two months?

My husband is creative too (and very technical). He made a modified pedal doohickey thing for his pedal board with 80’s style lights (and wife-inspired since I’m a huge 80’s fan). We nicknamed it Simone. (Because of Simon! Get it? The game with the lights and the pushing of the lights.)

I bought a fluffy white reading pillow with arm rests and I’m a voracious reader again! Not really, but actually, I am…It just makes the space look cozier and reader friendly.

The (near) end of the summer brought fig on toast with prosciutto and honey. I had to swat away those glossy hard fig beetles for this. They scare the crap out of me! No one talks about that, do they? I also found a tiny watermelon in the back of the ref so I made watermelon agua fresca with mint. Husband is the hand model.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier: less carbs at night and more veggies every day. It’s hard, people! (Reeeeaaallly hard.)

For my mother’s birthday this year, I made a one tier raspberry marble cake with raspberry marscapone icing. This is me putting it in front of a table vignette and trying to look effortless like I bake professionally and it always looks this good.