Friday Links…It’s August Already?!


As a palate cleanser from my previous post, here an entry I meant to publish a few days ago.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Holy moly, friends! I haven’t been back in a while (almost a month, eep! I honestly have respect for the pro bloggers that push content 5Xs a week. I can’t even…), so of course my return merits a nice list of links! Have a looksee at what’s on my digital reading list:

  1. Design-y/Hipster-y Guide to my neck of the woods in L.A. TheEveryGirl
  2. Lena Dunham speaks frankly about her Apology Addiction. I have this and I’m trying really hard to replace “I’m Sorry” with other more meaningful and clarifying statements that don’t make feel like I’m less of a person. TAKEAWAY QUOTE: I’m afraid anything but sorry will cause me to explode and drip my hideous rage juice all over someone I’m simultaneously pissed at and trying to please.
  3. I like the way the author of this link states that she’s in great shape but still huffs and puffs after taking the stairs. We fat people thought it was just us…
  4. A friend of mine used to work at an Amazon warehouse. Look at it!
  5. As an honorary Mexican, this story of Salma Hayek’s family and non-Mexican husband cracks me up.
  6. Have a posted a similar link? This is how to fold a fitted sheet. I’ve watched this video 10 times and I still think I need to watch it when I actually fold the damn sheet.
  7. I went through a podcast frenzy once upon a time and now it’s starting to wind down. I think it’s because I’m not as interested in Serial Season 2. Anyway, I’m back in the game sort of. I’m really addicted to The History Chicks. I just wish they had better sound quality.
  8. Last year, if I wasn’t having an indoor/outdoor wedding, I would have looked at this as a wedding dress option. (Or an intimate city hall wedding.)
  9. Summer reading lists! I wish I had more time! Goop // Apartment Therapy
  10. Saw Natalia LaFourcade at the Santa Monica Pier recently. That’s her above. She is amazing.





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