Saturday Link Update


Hey, everyone!

I had a really busy week so I’m finally getting downtime today. I will post my next city guide (BARCELONA!!!) next week yakusoku. Maybe I’ll throw in a recipe too. Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

In the meantime, I’ve been saving links/tabs for things that have piqued my interest to share with you all just in case anyone needs reading material. (Doing this now so I can finally clear my tabs!)


I baked this recently into a bundt cake, and while it came out looking beautiful, I was not a fan of the tahini glaze. And it all needed a little more sugar for me. Damn, I didn’t realize my sweet tooth was that ferocious.

I think I’m going to attempt to make these malasadas this weekend, but with guava and pistachio filling.

This custard cornbread is on my To Bake list.

New baking blog to follow: Style Sweet CA

Self Improvement

Where Does Confidence Come From?

Practice, Practice, Practice (Or, how to prevent Alzheimer’s)

Since coming back from Spain, I’ve had some time to gain some weight back! Gah. I wish I could remember this whenever I feel motivated to do something about it.

Reminders to check out the following podcasts…from female podcasters!

Change your career in your 30’s!

Putting Yourself First. I need to learn this.

On Money: A sobering look at 4 women with 4 very different incomes.


A Tumblr for all the forgotten coupling of celebrities. The blurbs are funny.

Preserved Shit in England

This is interesting: a case to teach writing in cursive first. I remember reading that there was witness in the Trayvon Martin case that was dismissed because she couldn’t read in cursive. Is this another system that will become obsolete because of technology?

As someone who was a victim of intense bullying growing up, it breaks my heart to read about kids who couldn’t see a better way out. Humans suck and kids are assholes. If you are a parent with a young child reading this, please help to ensure that your child grows up to a be a considerate citizen of the world whether they are headed towards being bullied or being the bully. This story about a mom who nipped her daughter’s bullying tendencies gives me hope!

A humorous take on the way I feel about my life. Love live FOMO vs Flight.

This is what they put in the Oscars gift bag!

I didn’t know a lake could look like this. It’s very surreal. I’m a city girl through and through and when I think of lakes, I think of serene places where geese fly over. Haha.

Whoa. I kinda want this! It would have been helpful during our Honeymoon Luggage Debacle.

Before we left for the honeymoon, Yobo and I saw Lissie at the El Rey. Two songs I can’t get out of my head: When I’m Alone With You and Shroud.

Leftover Spain fever here (a pair and a spare), here (heels in prague), and here (The Guardian). Plus, a sardonic travel blog that Yobo likes.

Spanish Language: swearing

Links that I appreciate for their REALNESS: Trying to Get Pregnant, How a Blog Post Gets Made, Do Not Make this Pinterest DIY, What It’s Like to Film Marvel Stunts.

The first Chinese citizen to give a Harvard graduation speech. It’s a really good one that touches on the proliferation (or lack thereof) of knowledge. Bonus: he talks about why his mom lit his hand on fire!

No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage. I don’t love arguing, but I truly realize the importance and necessity of having spats constructively.

I saw The Reader recently and I was reminded of how beautiful the prose is for Homer’s Odyssey.

This Wonder Woman promo pic!


This tasseled pillow is on my Project To Do list for my desk chair.

Wish we had a bigger backyard to throw a dinner party for upcoming summer nights.


(Image above of Santa Monica Pier from Boquiang Liao)

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