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As a Virgo, I feel like I am excitedly and anxiously planning the hell out of this upcoming honeymoon. (We are going to Spain, but first we’re making pit stops in France and Morocco.) I am not the type of traveler (two close friends immediately come to mind) who just wings it and goes where the wind blows. Even if it was a short weekend trip, I must. know. what. we. can. do. there. that. is. fun. and. what. will. we. eat?!

I currently have more than 50 tabs open in my laptop browser and approximately 61 tabs open on my phone browser. I cannot see what I am doing. It’s visual clutter and it’s…GAH!!

In an effort to organize them and save my CPU, here is a list of the important links (and some notes) I am looking at. It’s mostly for me to look back on later…when my attention span and giddiness subside to allow me to read each post for all of its wisdom. But, if you, dear internet friends, find my organized culling helpful, then I am glad. The internet is too heavy and full and confusing and wonderful. As The Circle of Life song goes, “There’s far too much to take in here/ More to find than can ever be found…” No truer words were ever spoken about the internet…er…life.

Also, I just wanted to rant for a second about something that has no phrase or name, but is prevalent to me about our society. Too often we see the same picture or series of pictures and vids of food (maybe from different angles) or a very picturesque landscape. Some lovely reader recently pointed out to me that she appreciates that my food pics show that, in the background, my kitchen is kinda messy. Isn’t that how normal people cook? The kitchen gets messy with dishes and spills and if you have a small kitchen, then you have a crowded countertop. I love behind-the-scenes stories and pictures. I love Instagram, but I often see the finished product of something, but I also want to see how you got there. I want an explanation of the final destination, product, the route and way.

Yobo and I recently watched an episode on Morocco from a show called departures (purposely uncapitalized) and we see a shot of our TV travelers riding in a rental car to get to the ferry to Tangier. I think the guys actually said, “So we got in a car and drove to Gibraltar.” HOW DID YOU GET THE RENTAL CAR? WHERE DO YOU GET THE RENTAL CAR? The next shot is of them on the ferry ride. I want practical advice. No one really talks about the practical tedious shit because it’s not sexy. The final product is the travel photo (or food pic or fashion shot) and we ohh and ahh and say, “I want to go there!” because that’s the sexy stuff. But I need the answers to those questions because those are what we deal with in real life.

One last example: so many blogs out there show pictures of the beauty of a city. (Don’t get me wrong: very grateful for these bloggers!) They talk about what they bought. Questions: Can you please tell me if so-and-so place in the romantic remote part of the world that you just were takes cash or plastic? How did you get there? How much was it? How long did that bus/train/taxi ride take? How did you lug the stuff back to where you were staying? Was there a tax or restriction/customs fee?

If I get my fat cyber butt moving to do a travel guide based on our trip, I promise to focus on said details. That way you won’t have to do Google searches picking tidbits from too many sources.

End of rant. Thank you. (Hope you still love me, Internet.)


Barthelona – Photo Courtesy of Artelista


  • Lauree (shop that invented the macaron)
  • Berthillon (ice cream)
  • area: Quartier Latin??
  • Eiffel Tower // Notre Dame

design*sponge Paris: one // two


Morocco // Chefchaouen

More About Morocco

Marrakesh Excursion (shopping perspective from the Glamorai)

A Day in Chefchaouen (from a fashionable American woman’s perspective)

Argan Oil Shopping in Chefchaouen (La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin) (another note from this blog:

  • The best place to get a good photo of the entire blue town from outside is near the Ras el Maa entrance. Preferably just before sunset or early morning are the best times for this.)

Trekking Tim (on shopping) Jon Is Traveling

Linguist on the Move

2011 post – Shopping in Morocco

Anthropologie Blog – What Other People Bought

Inside a Riad/Hostel in Chaouen



Taking the AVE train

Trains in Spain

Taxis in Spain

Crash Course in Spanish (not really, just some resources)

Sample Itinerary from Leave Your Daily Hell

Really Risa – Spain Trip

Beautiful Travel Photos from the Free People blog

Expat Blogs

What to Pack in Spain(and Morocco in early May) (also from that blog (Ciutat Vella, Barcelona)

Epic Guide to Train Travel in Spain


Sacromonte – Gypsy Caves + Flamenco // Trip Advisor Sacromonte Review

More on the gypsy caves…

Granada Itinerary from Expert Vagabond

Tips on Flamenco Show in Granada (suggestion: Rocio) (suggestion: Jardines Zoraya)

Granada – convent sweets

Bodegas – Castaneda


Madrid or Barcelona?!?!?!

Leave Your Daily Hell (from 2011)

Travel Love Story / Travel

Madrid/Flamenco It’s One World Travel

design*sponge Madrid



The Neighborhoods of Barcelona

Barcelona Two Day Guide (from Driftwood Journals)

Why You Should Visit Barcelona

Hiking near Barcelona: one // two // three // four

Designlovefest Barcelona tips (very informative comments) and the actual trip

Barcelona is the Pickpocket Capital of the World(!)

Bilingual Barcelona Blog

Orange County expat in Barcelona

Churches of Montserrat

Getting Around in Barcelona

Barcelona in the Spring (Piccavey – Expat)

Dreamy photos of Barcelona (Weaver House)

Something fun. Not going here, but it’s Game of Thrones related!


How to Spend 4 Days in Madrid (2013, Nomadic Matt)


TRAVEL – in general

Travel Journal

Packing Advice (from this American Girl)

Being Safety Conscious about Taxi Drivers

Quick Travel Workout

How to Keep Your Money Safe

Bonus Funnies: How to Track Your Stolen Laptop While Traveling


(tall) colorful pillar candles

(short) colorful pillar candles


Save the DC movie franchise!

This might happen if we vote for Trump.

Conversations with Asian Americans on race. Might do a future post on just this.

Might try this when I get back because I could use every hair on my head.

Translated from Spanish, but Le Cool’s Guide to self-discipline