Just Links // 03-14-2016



I’m still alive. Thanks so much to the 5 or so people who subscribe to this blog. Much much gratitude and affection to you!!! I’ve been pretty busy on my end, but I’ll be back soon with a slew of recipes.

In the meantime, here’s some things that have caught my eye (posting it up here helps clear all the open tabs on my phone and laptop browser, yikes!):

When I was growing up, my Disney princesses were Cinderella, Mulan, and Belle. I just watched Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella and it was an opulent feast for the eyes, and genuinely hilarious. Cate Blanchett proves that she can do anything. She was a deceitful b*tch! Now all she needs to do is an action role and I’ll be more of an uber fangirl. Here’s a link to the first ever Cinderella movie by Georges Melies in 1899. Timeless goodies.

Speaking of movies, I love Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba, mostly because they’re hawt, so I asked the husbeau to get Pacific Rim for me. We got 6 minutes into it before I turned it off. It’s garbage. Sorry. It was really bad. And I like some pretty terrible movies. Very disappointed.

And speaking of disappointing movies, there’s been a lot of buzz lately with the Nina Simone movie starring Zoe Saldana doing blackface even though she’s considered a black actress. Vulture compiled a list of actresses that they think would have been better suited for the role. Thoughts?

This is how horrible it was to get your period back in the day. Thank goodness we live in the modern world.

Everything is going to be ok, right? Sometimes my mind gets bogged down, and articles about being a late-bloomer help. It’s okay to be where you are in life if you take stock and are willing to learn from it. And this song is exactly how I feel these days when I think about certain situations.  As always, thank you, Adele!

Podcast: Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything, specifically about the best year ever…1984. Hehe.

I know someone who semi-starved herself to get thin. Sometimes I semi-seriously wonder if that’s the only way to lose weight since I feel genetically doomed to be chubby. Then I read about studies like this one. You win some, you lose some.

The election’s coming up. So many topics at the forefront, especially race and class. Food for thought here and here.

Lemon curd pudding! Also, someday when I have time, I think I will attempt these doughnuts from scratch, but use a guava cream cheese filling. I had a crazy hankering for that last week.

That GIF above makes me want to stop being cynical about womanhood. It’s amazing and the artist is Libby Vanderploeg.

And finally, I want (!!): these pieboxes, this moisturizing oil, and this fermentation jar.

P.S. Our honeymoon is fast approaching and I AM SO EXCITED!

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