Meal Prep (Sunday)

Omg. I know. Two posts in a row? Could I finally be getting my shit together? I don’t know. I’m trying REALLY hard, but well…it’s hard. I have a procrastination problem that is outrageously chronic. I’ve read that meal prep is good for the wallet (Shop Your Fridge! Dress up those leftovers and make them more palatable!) and for the waistline, but with this dreary weather, I think know that I’ve actually gained weight. I’ve turned into hungry bear winter mode, getting round and fat in case I get snowed in (ha! not likely in L.A.) and my body has to eat off itself. I digress. We’re trying to save more money and be more frugal and keep a cleaner house. I’m trying really hard to stay on top of produce and leftovers and be really responsible about eliminating waste and dumping moldy, limp veggies into a non-existent compost heap.

This is me keeping it real. My stovetop is not that clean. I want to be a better food blogger and take better photos and do that dreamy, creamy setting thing, but (as noted above), I am a procrastinator. I’m extremely impatient and I don’t have the fortitude to buckle down be a good pupil and practice till I excel. Going to work that on that!

The spicy ground beef, shiitake mushroom, Thai basil mixture is going to be part of a noodle dish for dinner. Whatever is left over will go into a mapo tofu dish. The remaining shiitake mushrooms are going to accompany a chuck roast that will be split up during the course of the week. They were sauteed and then lightly charred in my cast iron pan with butter, garlic, white wine, thyme and cream sherry. I eyeball everything I cook, and this is probably going to have to change at some point if I ever decide to publish a cookbook.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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