Spaghetti Squash

(from Siriously Delicious)

Today I made an impromptu Shop-Your-Fridge dinner which came out amazing, but it was a lot of work. I forgot to take a picture (again–waah), but Yobo had SECONDS. To be fair, he usually has seconds when he can, but when I mentioned that seconds were available, his eyes lit up and he was very excited about the prospect.

I’m trying to be more frugal and more diligent about meal planning. I feel like I have ADHD with my good intentions. I can make lists to the high heavens, but to follow through is a different story. I’m definitely more of a planner than an executor.

Enough with the talking already! What did I make?

From the fridge: leftover homemade meatballs (made with sourdough bread that I soaked in water mixed with the last drops of heavy cream*) and homemade marinara sauce

From the produce basket: spaghetti squash. I have never cooked spaghetti squash before. I thought it would be fun to shred the innards to look like spaghetti. Man, it was so fucking hard to cut that sucker open. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t take a picture of that. I had to use TWO knives: my main Wusthof and my butcher knife. I actually googled “spaghetti squash hard to open” and this pic showed up. I couldn’t have taken a better picture. Giving credit where it is due, this is from Siriously Delicious.

So I nuked the squash when I finally was able to crack it in half. I smushed the meatballs and leftover sauce and added two heaping spoonfuls of tomato paste to half a cup of water and made a rough bolognese. I added the spaghetti squash to this new creation and it came out awesome. Since this “pasta” is healthier, that means I can drink more beer this weekend right?

Next time (for a food I haven’t cooked) in the near future, I will attempt to tackle rhubarb.

*Nothing goes to waste in this house, if I can help it.

P.S. It was going to happen sometime, but my Giada for Target white ceramic oil pourer crashed onto the floor and broke. I’m glad my clumsiness made the decision for me. I just had it lying around after I’d emptied the oil and transferred the speed pourer spout to another bottle. It was really beautiful and ergonomic, but I grew to hate that thing. I should find its link on a website and complain about how disappointed I was to learn that its ability to contain oil was a lie. I had to put a small dish on the bottom of it because was leaking oil. The rounded bottom edges were not sealed properly. And just in case you think that was a fluke, I was stupid enough to buy two of them. The first one got stolen during a catering gig. Both of them had this problem. Why can’t manufacturers test things first? What a waste…

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