Packing For a Trip with an Almost-Hoarder Home

This is a First World Problem post, so deal. I just need to ruminate. 

Not my house, but might as well be.

For the past year or so (maybe a little more than that), I have slacked in my stellar ability to micro-manage and plan a trip and organize the fuck out of it. Instead, I’m slowly turning into a by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl, and I’m not sure yet if I’m good at that, other than adding short-term stress to my life in the hour that I’m packing. I could probably blame the wedding (post on that coming soon, if ever), change in momentum since starting a business, and the myriad of things that happened this year, but who am I kidding? Clutter in the house is clutter on the mind!

We have a tiny home packed to the gills with stuff. Since the wedding, it’s just gotten worse. I’ve made it a mission to conquer the clutter, but it is absolutely maddening. This past weekend, the Yobs, BFF, and I went to Vancouver to visit some friends (post on that coming soon too, hopefully). We packed literally an hour before the trip. That’s more his style, not mine. Granted, it was the shortest little trip in the world and it’s not like Vancouver is on another continent from LA. A few things happened that were frustrating enough that I had to jot it down for this post:

a) Where is my black leather jacket?! b) I have waaaaaaay too many little travel bags, with the collection starting in high school…maybe middle school. c) I have a million (more like 30, which is still A LOT) half used toiletries that I’ve picked up from the bargain bin or swiped gleefully as a freebie from all of the hotels I’ve stayed. Manufacturers, STOP making cute little bottles with unique shapes, vintage screw tops, cool labels, and faded pastel hues. STOP! I will grab and stuff before my brain tells me, “Look, but DON’T TOUCH!” c-1) Even with all these little bottles, why don’t I have a little bottle of body lotion?! (I found one later, but it was only ONE compared to a shitload of half shampoo bottles.) d) It’s bad enough that I have the unfortunate female disposition of “I have nothing to wear!!” but I had/have way too many choices. Vancouver was going to be chilly. My threshold for cold is I don’t like it. I have a drawer full of winter clothes. But I live in LA, and winter is not coming, if you get my drift. So why was it so hard to grab one or 2 things? d-1) I found clothes that I wasn’t looking for, so they’re going to have to find a new home. Beautiful pastel pink fluffy sweater given to me for Christmas? Probably better for a girl without a round barrel torso. e) This year, at the tender age that I turned (age purposely omitted), I have started to wear more than the occasional eyeliner and vampy red lipstick when attending a soiree. I now sometimes wear eyeshadow and tinted moisturizer, sometimes all at the same time. I also just recently discovered blush, and it’s kind of a game changer. I cannot believe it. I have makeup now… Anyway, do I need a makeup bag?! f) This was the biggest dilemma of all: WHAT BOOK DO I BRING ON THE PLANE?! I actually started freaking out because I cannot travel without a good read. I was craving an amazing story, but nothing that would keep me from being able to put it down once the flight ended. For the sake of lofty interior decorating goals and posterity, I have slowly started to only purchase hardcovers. Hardcovers are a bitch to carry, especially since I have a predilection of reading 5 lb. tomes. My scifi/fantasy fangirl cannot have enough. This was one of the few times that I wish I had a Kindle. After yanking random books out, I finally decided on this one. (Of course what ended up happening was my narcoleptic self fell asleep 10 minutes into the flight. I only read 3 pages, ha!)

I know that the solution is clear, but it will be tedious and time-consuming. I will have to stay vigilant. I have already begun to de-clutter, but I see now that I have to be much aggressive about it. We actually have another mini trip coming up this weekend. (Can I learn from all the above lessons?)

I hope I can find that black leather jacket by then.

P.S. OMG…Gilmore. Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been this excited in a while. Nay, I’m more than excited; I’m ecstatic.

P.P.S. I think i should get in on the trend and start reading this book.


Hello, 2015

Holy crap. The last time I wrote in here was in 2010. I need to sit on that for a bit. I started working on another nunumu blog, one intended to be the food and lifestyle blog to rocket me into the blogosphere with moxie. I turned that site into a makeshift launch pad for my catering business. But…life gets busy when you’re a one woman whirlwind trying to figure shit out and start an empire. I never updated my site on a regular basis, nor did I update any of the sites/blogs I’ve created over the years. (Secret: I have more than five!)

Well, no more. Let’s see how we do with this one. I’m going to try to keep my business out of here, but everything else is fair game. I’m considering this my first post, even though there are 3 before this one. But again, those are from 2010. Five years ago. (!) Can I laugh and pat my younger, more naive, self on the cyber head?

Hello, world!